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We're interested in knowing what your chair means to you. /* Modernizr 2.5.3 (Custom Build) | MIT & BSD * Build: */ ;window.She gives us a glimpse of what dating in Mexico was like.I find that dating abroad is always more difficult than at home. It was designed by one man, intended to be mass-produced, and came to stand for an entire genre of chair.This chair style takes its name from its creator, Lambert Hitchcock (1795-1852).Chair Styles Chairs began as basic oak stools and settle.

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By 1820-21, he put into operation a bigger plan: the manufacturing of entire chairs.

Not hand-made, but created on an assembly line, using standardized patterns and components, in the tradition of the burgeoning Industrial Revolution.

This Connecticut cabinetmaker settled in Barkhamsted, a small town in the northwestern corner of the state, in 1818.

There he began making chair parts for shipping and assembly.

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