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Currently, he is working with the Japanese talent agency Yoshimoto to bring the famed Second City to Japan and thereby introducing American Improv to that market.

The film will be produced by Roy Lee (The Ring, The Departed), Dan Lin (The Lego Movie, Sherlock Holmes), Jason Hoffs (Edge of Tomorrow), and Masi Oka (Heroes Reborn, Hawaii-Five-0).

His current objective involves a dangerous deep-sea rescue miles down the Mariana Trench.

For action film veteran Jason Statham, who normally handles business in stylized hand-to-hand combat, brandishing the occasional firearm, this effort represents a major departure, as he tackles a colossal, carnivorous killer in depths of darkness.

Max Bergman is a doctor and also the Chief Medical Examiner for the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force. Oka was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to Los Angeles at age 6, where he currently resides. This coming season, he will appear in “Heroes Reborn”.

Masi Oka gained viewer recognition as well as Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations when he starred in the television series “Heroes”.

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