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Tameka’s lawyer outed the woman in court and said that one of the couple’s nannies left Miami because she discovered Usher in bed with her while the couple was on a family vacay.

If there is any ounce of truth to that I take back the sympathy I felt for him crying on the stand the other week.

She’s someone who’s been able to support and understand all of who I am.

Even the new songs he is writing and recording are off the hook.

If you’re seen with the opposite sex, people believe that you’re having sex, but that’s not always true. When you’re in the studio until 8 a.m., your partner may assume because of the time that something is going on.

I’ve dated in the industry and outside of the industry.

With his ‘yes ma’am’ Southern twang and lanky, broad-shouldered, 6-foot-3-inch frame, he can seem like a big, easygoing guy.

But there are times, urgent times, when Jacob needs Mya.

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And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. God bless.'Meanwhile, Beyonce, who is allegedly leading 'separate lives' on tour with her husband Jay Z, sparked new speculation their relationship is on the rocks by changing the lyrics of her 2006 song Resentment while performing their On the Run show in Cincinnati, Ohio on last month.

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  1. When Nayera goes on a date with Hanaan, 35, on the show, his revelations about his expectations of a future wife spark a heated debate, and prompt an incredulous Nayera to ask: 'So she should cook for herself, and cook for you but she should also hold down a full time job?