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Having served as Geology Group Leader for the Southern California Earthquake Center for many years, he is an expert on the tectonics and earthquake hazards of southern California and Baja California, has conducted extensive trenching programs to date earthquakes on faults in the western U.S., South and Central America, the Middle East and Asia, and routinely uses soil stratigraphy and geomorphology combined with various radiometric dating techniques to assess rates of fault activity, determine recency of faulting, and date past earthquakes.In my experience in the dorms, no one really left their door open in the dorms.As far as athletics, basketball is widely supported but football is not. Most guys that I come across at SDSU are jerks and are immature.

The most popular organizations on campus are the Greek Fraternities and Sororities. We have almost 200 female members in are actively involved with community service organizations and social organizations.

His other research focuses on understanding earthquake occurrence in time and space.

Current projects include the characterization of fault systems behavior by understanding patterns of past recurrence of large earthquakes on faults in southern California, northern Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, India, and Israel.

The Title IX/EO Compliance Coordinator, Title IX/EO Investigators, and Title IX/EO Deputy Coordinators are knowledgeable about all options for complaint resolution.

We work closely with Student Affairs, the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), and the University Police Department (UPD).

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