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Though the band’s history of hits is relatively short (“Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper, and “How’s It Going To Be” all reached the Billboard Top 10 in the late ‘90s), Third Eye Blind’s legal history is far more storied.In 2000, with the band’s career on a gradual downslope, members voted to fire guitarist Kevin Cadogan."I liked the edge on it, even though I know that the edge comes from want and [wealth] disparity," he expounds.Stephan Jenkins is inescapable: Turn on the radio and he's there, wailing away; click on the TV and he's there, too, singing to a girl through an intercom; if he hasn't already, he's coming to your town, he's gonna party down.

"Semi-Charmed Life" is pop-y as hell, but it's about crystal meth and oral sex. I wrote a song about drugs and fucking, and I'm pretty much about clean living on the road. "Coming over you" is just really what it reports to be: "She comes around, and she goes down on me." It's not cryptic. If you're trying to get me to say I've taken speed, that won't happen. It's about a time when my friends and I were at a Primus concert and somebody brought speed.

" His friends range from gritty novelist JT Le Roy, a former child prostitute, to San Francisco socialite Denise Hale.

Of the platinum-haired, Ferre-cloaked Hale, he says, "I party like a rock star, but not as hard as Denise!

Yeah, but it's also kind of taking the piss out of that. It's this discussion of how we conduct ourselves as a species.

I like names with wit and a sense of punk-rock irony. Martin Heidegger said something like, "The way of thinking is not some well-worn rut." And I think songwriting is the same thing for [guitarist] Kevin [Cadagon] and I – we don't have a method. [Sings] "The chromosome divides/Multiply and thrive/And the strong survive/And a spaceman fucked an ape/Then cut out on a date/Now it's much too late/The spaceship has escaped." We're writing all kinds of stuff.

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The struggling and striving he witnessed in both NYC and the Bay Area would eventually help to inspire deceptively upbeat Third Eye Blind songs such as "Semi-Charmed Life" that reached millions of fans.

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