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The last thing you want to do is get everything painted and realize that you can’t stand the color. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to wait until the Spring so you can keep the windows open. When the primer is completely dry, you can then use water based paints. Paint the base color and let dry thoroughly before the next coat.

Making a custom sample is the best way to get an idea of a finish that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Sanding the cabinets with medium-grit sandpaper removes the outer surface and gives any new covering product a good surface to bond to.

Once the sanding is complete, you need to remove any dust with a tack cloth.

Hi Debra I have a question about painting Formica kitchen cabinets. Let me tell you that they are Formica with a one inch wood border, on the bottom only, 1980’s style, done in, of course, almond.

Can’t afford to replace right now, and I am looking for some color ideas and a process that will rejuvenate them.

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The roller will give a smoother finish as opposed to a brush.

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